Donavan Carver/Legally Bound

Although she claims to be a Mistress, her body screams submissive. Seductive adversary in the courtroom and enchanting unicorn of my fantasies. Evelyn Morgan is clever, sassy, and just the right amount of devious but I assure you, she has met her match.

On more than one occassion during our four year stint at Harvard together I indulged in daydreams entailing her lithe and lean nude body chained up in one of my preferred bondage rooms at Eden—the BDSM club where my more licentious activities take place. Toes barely scraping the ground, breasts heaving with arousal, Eve looks up at me with those fiery green eyes willing me to touch her. Of course, I resist. She won't command me like she does the pretty little man slaves I've seen her consorting with at the club. Hell no. As much as I want to rake my hands all over that luscious body and bring her pleasure beyond reason, the dominant in me demands submission first. I need to hear her call me, Master. I will hear her call me, Master. In the daydream it's only a matter of time.

Ahem...Unfortunately, I've recently discovered reality doesn't always follow the footsteps of one's fantasies and the unfavorable outcome of mine and Eve's little bet has landed me in a tight spot with nowhere to go but to my knees. A lesser man might welch. But, I'm no welcher. Whether I like it or not, when I accompany her to the masquerade tomorrow night I'll be peeling grapes and giving PG-rated foot massages. It's not exactly how I envisioned things transpiring between Eve but as a betting sort, I know a man's luck can change with a turn of the tide. If I shut my eyes and listen closely, I can clearly hear the waves rolling in.    


Cade Sinclair/Pure Sin

When I close my eyes at night and slowly slip into sleep, she finds me—The ivory angel with the glossy red lips and hair the color of pure flame—Divine Temptation in female form. In my dreams she kneels before me, her eyes heavy with desire, her body trembling for my touch. I’ve been a Dom long enough to know that Bianca Alexander’s submissive needs have been neglected far too long.

So I waste no time.

Once her wrists are bound with silk restraints and her ankles are secured to the lower posts of my bed, I tease her skin with my fingertips, torment her with my mouth. As my submissive, she will not climax until I allow it. Hours upon hours pass. The raw sound of her heady moans wear on my self-discipline but as a Dom I won’t let my desire rule me. In the dream, I push her arousal higher until the mere feather-light touch of my breath on her skin sends her reeling.

Then, yes then, I claim her body.

But this is only a dream, and in reality, Bianca and I are locked in a battle of wills. One that started out as a five day seductive bargain, exchanging no-strings-attached pleasure. Now, as she haunts my dreams, I’m beginnnig to think having her in my bed for a mere five days will not nearly be long enough.


Alexander/The Awakening

Care to come inside and join me for a drink? I'm Alexander. By now you probably know that I've walked in darkness for centuries, without emotion…without love. Until the night I heard a cry so haunting it shook me to my very core. Now, after fifteen years that cry still haunts me. Sweet beautiful Natalie. She's aware of my presence, you know…in her mind.

I've tried to stay away but she longs for my touch. The bond we share is unbreakable however, that is what's slowly driving her insane. I could try and turn my back and walk away, leave her to suffer alone yet in doing so it would surely kill us both. So here I sit, filling her head with the erotic fantasies she needs for relief but it isn't enough to satisfy her…not nearly enough.


Rykel Deveau/Reflections

Hello Readers,

My name is Rykel Vincent Deveau however, I have been given several other titles over time—legendary lover, untamable rake, master of seduction…but you darling, may use whichever you wish.

Adventure and women, is there possibly a more beautiful combination? Ah, I'm glad you agree. That is what persuaded me to begin documenting every one of my sexual exploits in a personal journal until the night my rakish ways brought a blasted curse down upon my head to suffer like no man has ever known—to experience solitude in the deepest sense of the word.

Two centuries have passed and here I find myself  trapped in a house with a bloody mad woman. Her attire is hideous beyond anything ones imagination might concoct and on top of that, she sits in night and day pining away over a man who didn't deserve her attentions in the first place. I'm nearly at my wits end. Of course it wouldn't bother me so much if I weren't drawn to her in such a bizarre way. Oh, I want her. The only problem is, she has no idea I exist.


Evan Chambers/Welcome To Eden

Welcome to Eden, Sweetheart, my garden of sinful delight.  

So you’re interested in how the other half lives…the darker half? Is your mind free enough to allow me to restrain you, tie you up, blindfold you, and make your every desire become a reality? If it isn’t then I suggest you turn around, walk out that door, and never look back, because once I’ve started I’m not going to stop. You want to stay? Then relax, it’s only pleasure - you do enjoy mind bending pleasure - don't you?

Close your eyes and allow me to take you to heights that no other man ever has….