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Welcome to Eden

Eden-Book 1

Bondage & Bureaucracy

Pure Sin

Eden-Book 2

The Awakening

Legally Bound 

Eden-Book 3


My Books

"I read this book in one sitting. It was like a digital chocolate coated wet dream for the kink in me."

Naughty Edition Reviews

My Story

Wife. Mother. Creator of incredibly sexy alpha males who haven't quite found their Happily Ever After...yet. 

Rynne Raines is a part-time writer, raising two amazingly fun and loving strong-willed girls both under the age of four. Many of her days are filled with crafts, laughter, playdates, snotty noses, minor ouchies, and plenty of screaming., not the good kind.


But sometimes, late into the evening when the children are asleep and the world calms, she's able to remember a part of her from her previous non-child life. This might be when she draws a steamy bath, pours a glass of pinot, and ponders new and wild adventures of vivid characters and endless love. 

And, if she has time after enjoying the dreamy escapes concocted within her mind, she might toss on a terry cloth robe, sneak down to her laptop, and type out a few before it's tomorrow and the day starts all over again. 

All in all, she's living the dream and loving every minute of it. 

Works In Progress

Works In Progress

Eden-Books 4 & 5

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